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Purchasing a new vehicle can be challenging, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the procedure and are unsure of what to look for. Even while parting with cash is stressful in and of itself, adding the worry of purchasing a vehicle that won’t live up to your expectations may make the process particularly unsettling.

There are ways to acquire a car on a small budget without sacrificing quality, even if your finances are tight. High mileage vehicles, particularly ones that have received good maintenance, might be a more affordable option than brand-new or lightly used vehicles, so they may be worth taking into consideration.

A well-kept second-hand car could still serve you well for thousands or tens of thousands of kilometres even if it has more than 160,000 kms on the odometer because the lifespan of cars has risen through time. In fact, choosing a vehicle with a lot of kilometres can be a terrific way to get a great price on a modern vehicle that you might not otherwise be able to afford.

What is considered “high kilometres”?

The definition of “high kilometres” relies on a number of variables, including the age and make and model of the vehicle. However, according to research on mileage, Irish drivers travel roughly 15000 kms per year, thus any vehicle that has travelled more than that on an annualized basis might be considered to have “high kilometres”.

A vehicle with high number of kilometres isn’t always a negative thing, though, as we’ve already mentioned. Cars can have a life expectancy of about 340,000 kms with regular maintenance. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your car’s life is over when you get here—you might get there in two years or twenty.

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The benefits of a high kilometre car

The main advantage of purchasing a used car is that they are typically less expensive than brand new ones. You must keep in mind, though, that if you select a poorly maintained vehicle, this benefit could come back to bite you.

Since cars are designed to be driven, having a high mileage does not always indicate that the vehicle is in poor condition. An automobile with 160,000 kms on the odometer may have been driven on fewer, lengthier highway excursions. Trips like this result in little to no wear and tear, compared to numerous brief trips might put stress on the engine.

Remember that finding a second-hand car with a low mileage isn’t always the best option. Older vehicles with unusually low mileage may have been inactive for a long time or haven’t travelled on many motorways (which can be associated with greater wear and tear on the clutch and brakes).

What are the best high kilometre cars?

The best high mileage vehicles are those that have had excellent maintenance. Ex-company vehicles like taxis are frequently in good condition because they typically have a full-service history and were probably utilized for longer trips. Longer trips than shorter ones are more likely to have left cars in better shape.

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