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Sell My Car is a new way to find and buy privately-owned vehicles – 100% online and with the seller coming your way.

Dealer Sign-up Here
sell my car quickAll cars come direct from private owners and are exclusively available for our dealer network to bid on in our daily online sales.
buy my car best priceEvery listing includes photos, VRM lookup data, mileage and notes on condition.
sell my car quickWe connect dealers directly with qualified private owners, with fair pricing for both parties.
buy my car best price

How it Works

sell my car in irelandSign up today, agree to the T&Cs and get free access to all cars in our daily online sale.
sell my car fastYou will receive a text with a URL link that has photos, specs and condition of each vehicle that is for sale.
price my car irelandSimply place your offer with just one touch, and if the seller accepts, an appointment to physically bring the vehicle to you is made. This is where you will inspect the vehicle to make and sure it matches the description, condition and specifications submitted. Provided the vehicle matched these, you are expected to pay the offered amount.
sell my car quick