Sell My Car in 3 Easy Steps

1. Input your vehicle details

2. Get the highest bid

3. Sell My Car to the dealer

Let Us Connect You To The Right Buyer For Your Car

1. Input Your Vehicle Details

Our easy-to-use software allows you to provide details about your vehicle, including its condition, its mileage and any damage.  You’ll also be asked to take accurate photos of your vehicle, as you would when selling anything online. We make it easy to take photos using your phone and guide you through the different angles that are needed.

2. Get the Highest Bid

We find your highest bid by allowing the 100+ dealers in our network to compete to buy your car in a daily sale. Dealers will have the opportunity to view your vehicle description and photos and can submit a bid for your vehicle.

3. Sell My Car to the dealer

An appointment to visit the dealer is made, where a member of their team will inspect your vehicle to make sure it matches the vehicle description that you submitted. Provided your description is accurate, the dealer is committed to pay the bid amount. The dealer will only suggest a lower amount if anything is materially different to the details you shared. This is why it’s so important to be as accurate as possible when you submit your vehicle details as this will reduce the chances of your bid being reduced at the time of physically inspection.