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What is a History Check?

A History Check is a service that examines a vehicle’s past, enabling the purchasers to learn more about a car’s past before deciding to buy it. The inspection includes information about the car, providing you piece of mind and preventing any costly consequences in the future.

What does a History Check examine?

If you run a History Check on your vehicle, it will look up all of its past records and inform you whether the car is being sold lawfully and can legally be driven on Irish roads. After that, you will receive a detailed report and instructions on what may be required, such as in the event of a recall.

What does a History Check report contain?

It will include information on the following areas:

  • If the car has ever been awrite off.
  • If it is a stolen car.
  • If there finance outstanding.
  • A car valuation.
  • The specs of the vehicle.
  • If it ever has been recorded as scrapped.
  • If the car was imported/exported.

You’ll also get some additional data such as the recorded mileage, NCT status and history.

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How long does a History Check?

After you’ve purchased a Car History Check the results are shown immediately.

Is a History Check free of charge?

You will have to pay a fee for History Check.

Getting a History Check from the VIN number

Most providers only require your VIN number to obtain aHistory Check. Just look for a website that offers the service using the VIN alone.

Does a History Check include NCT history?

Yes, a History Check will include date, mileage, and test result.

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