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When purchasing a car, one of the many decisions you may have to make is whether to go with a conventional manual gearbox or an automatic transmission that can make driving more convenient. Our comprehensive overview outlines the distinctions between automatic and manual vehicles as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What’s the difference?

Shifting gears in a manual car, needs moving the gear stick and depressing the clutch pedal simultaneously. In contrast to other countries, like the USA, where most vehicles sold have automatic gearboxes, Ireland has a much higher preference for manual transmissions. An auto gearbox, on the other hand, only has an accelerator and brake pedal and changes gears for you based on your speed. It also does not have a clutch pedal.

Why would I buy an automatic car?

An automatic transmission does all gear changes for you, meaning you only have to worry about travelling in the correct direction.

Advantages of driving an automatic

Easier to drive, smoother ride and economy.Modern automatic vehicles, especially those with dual-clutch technology, are typically more fuel-efficient than their manual counterparts because the system is set up to shift into gear when it is most advantageous.

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Disadvantages of driving an automatic

More expensive, less engaging and expensive repairs.Automatic gearboxes are complicated, which makes them costly to fix when something goes wrong.

Should I buy a manual?

In contrast to other nations like the USA, where manual automobiles are less common, Ireland has a higher percentage of manual car sales. Which makes them cheaper to find and buy.

They are also easier to maintain. Since manual transmissions are less sophisticated than automatic ones, there are fewer potential troublesome parts.

Disadvantages a manual transmission.

Leg strain, difficult to drive on an incline and more difficult to learn how to drive with them.

So, should I buy an automatic or a manual?

There is no right or wrong answer, and your needs will determine whether you choose to purchase an automatic or manual transmission. For instance, a person who commutes frequently across cities might opt to drive an automatic, so they don’t have to continuously shift gears and depress the clutch. A classic manual car, on the other hand, can be preferred by someone who wishes to feel more in charge of their vehicle.

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