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It’s simple to sell a car with unpaid finance to any dealer within our network.Numerous people ask us about selling their car which still has finance on it, and it’s actually a simpler process than you might expect. Whatever the reason behind selling your car, the highest-bidding dealer can also pay off the financing as part of the transaction.
Here is how it works.

  1. Get the highest bid.

First, all you have to do is get the highest bid through our dealer network so you can see how much your car is worth.

  1. Contact your lender

Contact your lender and request a written confirmation from them of the settlement figure.

In the event the vehicle bid is less than the amount owed to the lender, you will need to discuss options with them as to how to progress with the sale and settle the negative equity with them.

In the event the bid is higher than the amount owed, then the positive equity will be all yours.

  1. Complete the sale to the dealer

Book an appointment to visit the dealer, where a member of their team will inspect your vehicle to make sure it matches the vehicle description that you submitted. Provided your description is accurate, the dealer is committed to pay the bid amount.

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