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Are You Looking ToPart-Exchange / Trade-InYour Vehicle?


Price My Car App

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Get Used Car Values with Price My Car App

How Price My Car Widget Works

To access Price My Car you must have an account with
appraisee – the award-winning digital appraisal software.

Call 0207 164 6918 for more information or
register for a 30 Day Free Trial.


The retailer or independent dealership must be a Price My Car/ appraisee customer for you to access the service.

How to Value My Car | PriceMyCar

What is Price My Car?

Price My Car is the best-in-class appraisal software that
connects everyone in the appraisal process including sales, management, finance, traders, and now the customer.

You must have an Price My Car account before you can
access and register a customer on Price My Car to
appraise their own vehicle.

How to Value My Car | PriceMyCar

1. Click on the Price My Car icon on a dealerships website


2. Complete the appraisal of your car at a place and time convenient to you


3. Chat directly with dealerships through the Price My Car app who can value your car, give you a price range of your vehicle, arrange test-drives and more.