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it’s time to make selling your car work better for you.

sell my car to a dealership

What is my car worth?

The question is…how do you go about doing that
Right Now with a dealership? Selling or part-exchanging means making a deal, and that involves a few steps.

As soon as you walk into a dealership it puts you at a
disadvantage. We at Price My Car want to change that.

How to sell my car?

We’ve developed a way for you to shop around more effectively for the quotes that work for you, giving you back some control in the negotiation and significantly improving how you sit down at the table to talk.

Selling or part-exchanging your car is often the second biggest deal you’ll make. Only buying your house is bigger.

sell my car in ireland


Let’s recap and make this clear:

Price My Car saves you a huge amount of time by allowing you create your own appraisal at a time and location convenient to you. Think of the travel time saved by not having to make unessary journeys to get a trade-in price you are not happy with!

Price My Car provides you and the dealership with an instant communciation tool to review and disucss your car and agree on next steps, whcih ccould be a visit to the dealership for a test drive and note finance options available etc.

It’s a comprehensive step-by-step system you can manage yourself to appraise your vehicle, figure out a realistic price, and use that price to get a trade-in quote from the dealer you want to deal with. Most importantly, you can do all of this from wherever and however you want.

It’s all at your pace so you don’t have to feel rushed or cajoled into making a quick sale decision.

Simply get quotes faster, or save time by shopping for the quote that fits you first. Drive the process yourself with the confidence you’re getting a thorough, accurate valuation process that makes the numbers open and honest.

Price My Car changes the game by connecting customers with dealers anywhere so both sides can find the car deal they’re looking for and walk away happier at the end of the day.

Help yourself.

It’s a better way to control the process and find the quote you want for your car sale or part-exchange. Download the FREE app today and see how Price My Car can work for you.

Put yourself back in the driving seat!

Price My Car is brought to you by appraisee, the accessible and totally accountable car valuations app used by professional dealerships and independent traders alike.